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Hyundai Proving Grounds

Client: Hyundai Motor Company


Location: California City, California


Scope of Work:


  • Grading and Drainage Plans

  • Hydrology Study

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

  • Street Plans

  • Water Plans

  • Storm Drain Plans


The Hyundai/Kia test track is part of a 4,300 acre, $60 million Hyundai/Kia test facility in California City. Vehicles are tested on a variety of surfaces including a 6.4 mile oval track, a 2 million square-foot Vehicle Dynamics Area, a 2.75 mile winding track and a 3.3 mile hill road, and various special surface roads designed to duplicate highway and road conditions. The Proving Ground also includes a 30,000 square-foot office complex for its 50 staff members. Diamond West provided engineering services for the site’s grading, road/street, and storm drain facilities, as well as the storm water pollution prevention plan.


In addition to the on-site development plans, Diamond West prepare the infrastructure design for all off-site improvements, including 2 miles of roadway, water supply pipelines, and storm drains in the road shoulder.

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