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Westside Renaissance Master Plan

Client:  Integral Communities


Location:  City of Ventura


Scope of Services:

  • Final Map

  • Hydrology Study/Floodplain Analysis

  • Grading and Drainage Plans

  • Public and Private Street Plans

  • Storm Drain Plans

  • Water Plans

  • Sewer Plans

  • Water Quality Analysis and Design


Westside Renaissance is a residential master plan with a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, and affordable senior apartments along with several neighborhood parks.   The project design is based on new urbanism principals such as alley-loaded homes with front porches, minimized front setbacks, minimized street widths, and bulb-outs at intersections.  The project includes “Green Street” features such as bio-filtration within parkways and flow through planters.  The project includes both underground and above ground water detention systems in joint use with two of the neighborhood parks.


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